Final Painting

Final Painting

Your painting must show the elements of art that you have learned so far this year.

1. Form

You must show me that you can draw some shapes that will be a part of your painting.

2. Shading/ Value

You have learned how to show three dimensions by using values (lightness and darkness) in your drawings of the milk cartons.

Some part of your art work must be shaded.

3. Color Mixing

With your color sheets you have learned to mix all colors, and their tints, tones, and shades. With your color weavings and African Fabric Patterns you have learned to use color in your art work. Show me your color use in your Final Painting.

4. Texture

With layers like you used in your African Fabric Patterns, you can create texture in your art work. Check out these other artist and see how they use texture in their paintings.

5. Content

One of the most important things about art work is the ideas, feelings or concepts that artists speak in their non-verbal language. How can you get your ideas feelings and dreams into a painting? You just keep trying. We did this already with the River Styx art. Look at these art works, and try to guess what these artists are trying to "tell" us. How do you feel when you look at their work?